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About Katie Gaebler, PhD

Dr. Katie is an educational consultant and resource guide who helps families and organizations understand the resources available, identify those that help their unique situations, and create plans to move forward.

Over a 20-year career working in higher education, Dr. Katie has focused on helping students successfully navigate their respective departments and institutions. She earned her PhD in Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership (HESAL) from the University of Northern Colorado, and she has worked in a variety of student service and academic advising roles.

Her interest in the educational success of Colorado students with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) began when her oldest son was diagnosed with ASD at age five. At that time, she and her husband sought out support resources (often with mixed initial success), worked with insurance companies to determine covered services, and tried to discern in-home and in-school programs that offered her son opportunities to be successful.

Her son was found to be twice-exceptional (2E) and gifted and talented in first grade by Jeffco Public Schools. This means he possesses exceptional talents, and he needs additional supports to ensure he can succeed in traditional educational settings. Dr. Katie is a five-year Individualized Education Program (IEP) parent participant, and she completed a three-year comprehensive review in December 2021 to determine successes and areas of the plan that need revision.


Dr. Katie also advocated for and initiated her younger son’s IEP assessment when he turned four years old with the goal of establishing early interventions that can set him up for long-term school success. Most recently, Dr. Katie was diagnosed herself as Neurodiverse with ADHD.

Dr. Katie’s approach to helping families and organizations navigate neurodiversity stems from personal experiences of trying to find resources that best fit her families’ circumstances and values. Each family’s ASD story is entirely unique, and a plan for approaching their student’s success should match.

She would love to hear your ASD journey and connect you to Colorado’s network of neurodiverse resources. Send her a note and get started on your family's journey!

Learn more about Dr. Katie's educational advocacy and consulting.


Certification, legislation, and administration.

Educational Consulting

For families seeking personalized education planning for an ASD-identified student, grades PK-PhD.

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