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F*ck covid

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Yeah, that's my headline. Right now we take it one day at a time. Right now my boys have learned to sit next to each other on a couch and enjoy each other's company; we have leftovers for dinner; so I get an hour: I call these "momma wins." I get to work on my 'site; enjoy a cocktail; watch the sun set in my living room. I'm so grateful. That will always be a theme here.

I'm listening to Dar Williams on Pandora and have been reflecting on my Beloit Dayz. Dar played Folk'n'Blues. Six years of opportunity of meeting people I'm privileged to know. Beloit was where I studied entrepreneurship, world religions, C-HAUS, among other things. My people from that time remind me of my past; not that I'm so immediately connected, but the memories work for me. Given my past, I think about my future; my reflection is on how to make that happen. That's what brings me here.

I've been reflecting much recently on what's next, able finally. Biden is in office, nationally (globally) we have turned a new page. Spoiler: I had been consumed, grateful/sad; my spirits since the new year have improved. There is talk of vaccinations among my tribe. Bc it must be vaccinations, all PPE, not only vaccines, that will eventually improve us. I'm not feeling urgent, but excited finally there is space and conversation for future opportunity. We are ready to move beyond the groundhog day. We had groundhog day long before as is our modus operandi ASD, and now amid pandemic, it's steroid riddled. But that's growth? I look forward most to things that will present opportunity for challenge as well as connection with our roots. Because we crave movement. For this I will be excited. Maybe a little there too, but still excited; it will make the movement happen.

Amid the gratefulness and trust toward vaccine providers, I assess highs and lows in the past year: Low of covid reflects addictions; high of covid reflects time (therefore). Time allows for dreaming what's next; additions make me consider the lub and what's past it. Honestly, it's a mixed feeling. It may always be fluid, but coping mechanisms thru self-care is another post. I am certainly ready for what's next, of the daily beyond the year of covid. To dream of 6m down the line, and a year, I look forward. Never doubting my privilege, the counter being responsibility.

I've had meetings this past week declaring both my commitment for the next year to a JeffCo SPED committee, as well as our final 4 meetings (covered by insurance) of Parent Education for ABA Therapy with Intercare. Including my work on this website and writing a blog post, I'd call this week a win :) I want to get back to my commitment of 2 blog posts p/month. I think that can be reasonable, and we'll keep the web design as a secondary priority. I like knowing that those who want to know will be here.

Keep checking back to follow our progress. And call me out if your not getting the updates, haha.

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