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New Site Launch social media announcement

Spring is speaking to me! Be it Easter Rising with chocolate abundance, or readiness to shed the snow, I’m excited to reconnect this April and beyond. Genuinely, THANK YOU to my networks and partners in corners here and there; I hope you’ll join me in celebrating April: #AutismAwareness Month and its global designated day, April 2nd. My world flipped it’s proverbial sh*t when I digested what Autism (ASD) means for me and my offspring. Primarily a communications disorder, the Spectrum encompasses hyper to hypo abilities (fluidly, with potential daily tide shifts) among the seven (7) senses as much as empathy, focus, loyalty, and so many identity facets. Therefore, 2022 is the reconciliation for confluence of my personal + professional bubbles. For each member of my network as you’ve known me, in all the ways I know myself, all that love is encompassed as a proud #AutismColorado Advocate. I’ve had opportunity for in-depth exposure and ceilings of ASD silos in Medical, Therapeutic, Legislative, and Educational communities. For 20 years I’ve shared with college students and their families the challenging dynamic of reasons to achieve highly and failure to launch. Now, I dedicate my life mission to spread awareness, education, and inclusive acceptance of an invisible disability that has in some way touched everyone I know. I hit the ground running in my adopted hometown of beautiful #GoldenColorado, as I aim to teach agency, connect resources to facilitate a plan, and engage an opportunity for hope to anyone who seeks my insight. Follow my lead at #AutismNERD .com where I launch to support growth for organizations in their IDD goals, contribute to social civil servants understanding their interaction impact, and give families a plan of steps forward to support their young adults in being the most exceptional, creative agents in living their own destiny.

For anyone who aims to better understand Autism, wants to connect further, or simply cares to say hello, please like and share so I can reach out to you as we grow in ways to encompass ASD awareness and behavior support with the people who need it most. I’m proud to rise up in this DEI work; will you join me?

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