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Hit the reset button.

There is too much on our plate.

I led this workplace leadership activity once, where everyone was given a paper plate and a pad of small post-it notes. What down all of your responsibilities (work related) and physically look at how full your plate is. How can you delegate? It was an eye opener and life changer for many.

I haven't done that activity in my personal life, but I should. Mainly it's the combo of trying to maintain "personal" and "professional" lives that make me feel so bi-polar. Clearly things weren't working on the work in a traditional work environment front (more about that later). And on the home front, there is so much going on I can't even wrap my brain around it all. Maybe I should my own post-it activity.

It's why I'm trying to journal more. I want to be more reflective. I want to actually engage with causes that align with my values, not feel overwhelmed by them. I don't want my kids to think this pace of life, feeling this disappointed all the time, is normal. I do want my kids to feel ownership for their work, that they can take initiative for whatever work they want to put into the world, that they can create their own work and earn a self-sustainable living that way.

We're hitting a reset button, starting over. I'm not sure with what yet, or how to get there, but it needs to happen. Ha, as I write that, I realize I'm so oriented on what's next, to fix the problem, that's the problem. We just need a slower pace, to do less, to not have to be scheduled. Can we do that? We'll get there soon enough.

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