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A colorful array of dots seem connected, creating a vibrant network -- Represents Dr. Katie's desire to create a network of support for neurodiverse people and families.

Welcome to the N.E.R.D. Network

Colorado resources for Colorado families

with Autism and Neurodiverse students needs in mind 

Educational planning for high school, college, and beyond

Dr. Katie 
Vahey-Gaebler, PhD


Katie Vahey Gaebler, PhD, is an Independent Education Consultant, who aims to support Colorado-based neurodivergent families with local resources for educational planning.

With 20yrs experience worked on various college campuses, and 2 children of her own, Katie understands what matters, and will personalize her support for your student and family.

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What Dr. Katie can do for you

Experienced in developing multi-level public/private/charter schools, non-profits,

edu start-ups, colleges, policy, and administration

For families seeking personalized edu planning,

Dr Katie primarily supports college + post-secondary transition, and has worked with grades PK thru PhD



Interested in stories on Katie's work? Check out Muse, a blog on navigating
life experiences with AS and ND

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